Creative scrapbook: August 2015

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In the first of the monthly scrapbooks series, the aim is to use this to get some of my random thoughts and ideas down on the page. The space will also be used to showcase inspiring imagery and videos that I’ve spotted around the web this month.


  • Is the colour orange really orange to you, or is it just orange to me?
  • If people were smaller on average 1000 years ago, does that mean that Jesus was like 3 foot 5?
  • What became of the broken hearted?
  • Music

    My musical choice for August is this absolutely stunning track from MaybeSheWill. I featured them in my ‘best post rock bands‘ article, and this track for me is their best – especially the meaning from the following lyrics:

    “Now we’re apart, though not through choice, do we stay mute or raise our voice?”


    The age of digital
    The age of digital means that we are constantly staring at our screens: day after day, week after week, month after month. Each passing moment that we’re attached to our computers, tablets and mobile devices distracts us in to a reality akin to our own. The reality within digital is one without physical presence or voice. Information is easily gained and opinions formed and shared, but with this giant epicentre of text and imagery how much does your online voice matter?

    We have created an alternative reality to our own. Some of us spend more time online than we do offline, and with more integration such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence coming to realisation, it is only natural to question to future of human interaction.

    Whispers in my ear. Whispers in my mind. For a project at work I am looking for a voiceover artist, so I’ve signed up to a website which lets you listen to samples of work before booking. Each voice played forms a picture of that person in my mind, but how important is a voice? And for something so easily manipulated are our voices perhaps one of the easiest ways to pretend to be someone else?


    Images this month include a fantastic Saturniidae moth caterpillar, a beautifully taken profile picture, an inspirational sculpture, and some fun recycling of Mac boxes!


    Continuing in the musical vein, here’s a guy playing a Chapman Stick – I’d never heard of one either:

    I hope you enjoyed sharing these scraps with me and if you want to add anything to the randomness please comment below.

    Credit to Embracelife for the cover photo.


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