What is the future of social content?

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Facebook has turned into a passive, scrollable stream of videos, memes and leftover imagery. Long gone are days of looking at your feed to find fun updates from your friends and family, now it’s all about finding the latest cat video or viral video to share around the office.

Snapchat is obviously heavy on video, and on Twitter short videos and gifs tend to stand out from the crowd. Instagram is still heavily image based, but videos are also utilised effectively.

Video has been the best performing type of content over the past few years. At the heart of content on a basic level performance levels have always been:

Video > Image > Text

Of course one shouldn’t just make a video for the sake of it, especially for a brand where the post doesn’t require a video, but performance wise this is generally correct and almost everyone on social agrees.

Enter the vast wasteland of videos.

So what we need to ask is ‘how do you stand out from the crowd?’ Videos still perform well, but it’s becoming more well known that video views can be a false metric. Yes there are other ways to monitor video performance, but instead of focusing purely on video, perhaps it’s time to stand out from the competition.

So what’s next?

Well, there are possibilities out there. Let’s take a look at them:

Live streaming is still hit and miss, but both Twitter and Facebook seem to be pushing it. The NFL have just agreed a deal to exclusively stream on Twitter, whilst Facebook Live is about to explode – hell you can even apply for X-Factor via Facebook Live.

The 360 video fads seems to have come and gone with the rise of VR. However, with developers looking in to ways to enhance the experience, perhaps it’s not dead just yet.

VR for social offers potential, but will people really be bothered with connecting with social when plugged in?

Perhaps the future is bot shaped.


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