Lucha Libre World at York Hall, London

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The high flying, death defying, daredevils of lucha libre returned to London at York Hall on July 1st and 2nd at Lucha Libre World.

Stacked full of talented, well known luchadores from around the world, two of the highlights from the roster were former WWE and WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera, and Silver King – who most people might recognise from kicking Jack Black’s spandexed arse in the 2005 flick ‘Nacho Libre’.

silver king lucha

Lucha libre if a form of wrestling originating from Mexico. Luchas tend to wear masks, employ a high flying offensive, and whilst rules are similar to those of American wrestling, there are a few differences. In Mexico luchadores are highly regarded and often referred to as masked superheroes.


The whole arena was transformed into a Mexican wrestling haven, from the decor all the way to the authentic food supplied by Mexica.

The doors of York Hall opened, wrestling fans young and old flooded in, and the stage was set for what was to be a night of great entertainment with Lucha Libre World. Click here to find out more.

Lucha red wrestling mask

After the ring announcer gave an authentic introduction, the action quickly began. Many of the luchas were accompanied by valets, including the Glamazon Girls from Lucha Britannia.

lucha libre women

Each luchadore had their own gimmick. Ranging from the Thor like El Nordico Fuego (above), to a frog, to an overly camp wrestler called Cassius. Cassius got one of the biggest pops of the night, despite taking a beating along the way.

Lucha Libre World Cassius

Zumbi was one of the most athletic luchas, showing off with some capoeira before the bell rang. He teamed with the ex WCW Cruiserweight champion Juventud Guerrera, in a solid, high-flying tag team match.

zumbi wrestling

Of course he won! Juventud celebrated in the ring after a hard fought victory. It was fantastic to see such a well respected ex WCW/WWE wrestler up close and personal.

juventud guerrera

The WCW Cruiserweight title belt was on show throughout the match, brought to the ring by Juvi’s valet. Every little extra added to the event as a whole, and half way through the event wrestlers came out to the ring to chat and pose with the fans, which really made everyone feel part of Lucha Libre World.

wcw cruiserweight title belt 2016

The main event was a definite highlight. From building up the story in the ring, to Silver King throwing a strop and posing with some of the crowd, the match had it all. And just when we thought it was all said and done, they start wrestling in the crowd by throwing each other in to the audience. Imagine sweaty wrestlers being thrown at you as you’re there enjoying your tacos!

silver king

The event was a blast. For those who enjoy wrestling there’s never anything better than seeing some up close and personal, and for those new to the sport, it is a fantastic eye opener both into the world of lucha libre and Mexican culture.

If you can’t wait for the next Lucha Libre World to come to London, you can watch Lucha Britannia to get a feel for the action.


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