5th Birthday Party at Drink Shop & Do

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This month saw Drink Shop & Do turn 5 and what better way to celebrate than with cocktails, finger food and lots and lots of glitter!

Cocktails and sweets drink shop do

For those that haven’t heard of it, Drink Shop and Do is a really quaint, fun and creative environment in Kings Cross. It’s a cafe by day, bar by night that incorporates activities such as arts and crafts, lego building and musical bingo.

Drink Shop Do treats

The evening began with cocktails on the door, meeting some lovely people and then grabbing a seat and some delicious afternoon tea style bites.

cakes Drink Shop Do

The evening was underway and so were the festivities. The enthusiastic staff were hurrying around, sprinkling glitter everywhere they could. My friend Liam and I got a bit of a soaking… not to mention it didn’t come out of my hair for days!

The first event was a LEGO robot building contest, which was extremely fun and brought the table together. Not only did we have to build a LEGO robot, but we had to give it a name, backstory and a special power. We gave ours wings, and the power of flight (which looked horrendously comical) and another journalist decided to call him R Kelly, because he believed he could fly. I like it.

We ended up finishing 2nd in the robot building contest, and then it was on to the crazy part of the evening in musical bingo – and hey who thought bingo could be so much fun!

Musical bingo Drink Shop Do

It works just like regular bingo, apart from numbers being called out, songs are played. The host made us all have a good stretch and dancing warm up before the game began, and alongside plenty of cocktails, it was a really good laugh. Beth, a journalist I met through the power of LEGO, ended up winning 2nd place and netting herself some mightily colourful pompoms. Win!

After the musical bingo a conga line formed and we head downstairs where there was a separate bar and more of a dance area.

Adult Erotica Drink Shop Do Kings Cross

Down to the adult area guys…

Bar at Drink Shop Do

Drink Shop & Do is a really fun location to visit for after work drinks, craft workshops, and I’d recommend it for office parties as well.


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