The Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

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Who doesn’t love chocolate cake?

This article is designed to alleviate the need to scroll through BBC Good Food and various food blogs trying to find the best chocolate cake for your special occasion. No. Now you can find lots of chocolatey goodness in one place.

We’ve searched high and low, whilst reading through a lot of reviews to try and find the best chocolate cake recipes online. So let’s have a look at our top 10 chocolate cakes:

Chocolate Wasted Cake

extreme chocolate cake

Words cannot describe how much I love this cake! It is wonderful, an epic chocolate master piece.

You will wow everyone with this absolute epic chocolate cake and yes, it is as tasty as it looks. Whilst not for beginners, it’s a challenging cake that you can easily add your own twists to, especially with decorations.

Difficulty: It’s going to take a few tries (and a lot of chocolate)
Time: 1 hour 45

Chocolate peanut butter cake

chocolate cake peanut butter

“My teenage boys said it was the best cake they had ever had in their life”

How can we write a chocolate cake article without mentioning it’s beloved sidekick: peanut butter? They go together better than a hot mulled wine on a cold winter’s afternoon. This is one of the most delectable recipes that we’ve seen, concentrating on simplicity and taste.

Difficulty: It might take a couple of attempts
Time: 1 hour 45

Rich & Dark Chocolate Cake

dark chocolate cake

I tried this recipe the other day for a carved custom cake. It was amazing. Then I used the trimmings for cake pops and they were the best I’ve made.

This cake is dark, moist, rich and decadent. A hit of coffee involved within the cake only enhances the chocolate, rather than drowing the taste with coffee. It’s the perfect cake for a party and bet enjoyed with a large glass of milk.

Difficulty: Any skill level should give this one a go.
Time: 1 hour

Chocolate Guinness Cake

chocolate guiness cake

This is the best cake i have ever eaten! It is amazing. I’ve baked it for people at work and for people’s birthdays and everyone goes mad for it!

Where would this list be without a nod to one of the most amazing and moist chocolate cakes out there. Whilst the cake itself is a fairly simple yet dense stout chocolate cake, the cream cheese topping is out of this world. You will impress people with this cake.

Difficulty: One and a half pints out of five.
Time: 2 hours

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

ultimate chocolate cake

Fabulous moist cake which I have made on many occasions. Delicious.

I’ve made this chocolate cake recently. Well, I helped – and it was one of the most moist and deliciously indulgent cakes I’ve ever tried. It was really fun to make and the gooey chocolatey goodness tasted as amazing as it looks.

Difficulty: A fun bake for anyone.
Time: 1 hour 45

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake

chocolate cookie dough cake

My sister found this recipe and make it for Easter. Very good! Tastes best when it is most chilled.

Whilst not technically a chocolate cake (it’s more likely to be categorised as a cheesecake) this cake is extraordinary, and if you made it in place of a chocolate cake I doubt there would be many complaints.

Difficulty: You might need to give Mary Berry a bell: a challenging bake.
Time: 3 hours

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

chocolate hazelnut cake

Come June, this will be the groom’s cake for my chocoholic fiance.

I you want to wow the socks off anybody, this is one of the most polished cakes on this list, and a real test for any baker.

Difficulty: Serious skills required.
Time: 2 hours 15 mins (approx)

Maltesers chocolate cake

chocolate maltesers cake

Made this cake for the second time and came out perfect again. Very easy to make.

Maltesers, in a cake you say? Bring on an easy mess of a cake!

This is perhaps more of a fun cake for your children, or if you wish (like I did) for your sweet toothed inner-child! You won’t win any prizes for re-creating this recipe, apart from those who eat it!

Difficulty: Let your kids go wild.
Time: 1 hour

Triple Layer Brownie Cake

chocolate brownie cake

I’ve made a lot of cakes, and this is my favourite. This could easily be served in a five star restaurant.

Calling all brownie fans, give this brownie cake a go. It’s our favourite brownie cake on the internet and if you give it a go you’ll see why!

Difficulty: Just image making a brownie and times it by 3.
Time: 1 hour

Gluten free chocolate cake

gluten free chocolate cake

This gorgeous gluten-free chocolate cake is also free of the top allergens: no nuts, dairy, eggs wheat, soy or corn. The cake is delightfully moist and very chocolaty.

With the recipes so far you could try to substitute ingredients to make sure they’re gluten free, but we understand that can be very tricky, so here’s our favourite gluten free chocolate cake.

This cake is also vegan free, corn free, and delicious!

Difficulty: You might want to try a cake or two before trying this one.
Time: 1 hour

Unfortunately we’ve reached the end of the list and after eating my body weight in chocolate cake I’m off to the gym! If your favourite isn’t on the list, please add it below.


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