Bunnychow in Soho, London

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Bunnychow is a South African inspired street food restaurant situated in the heart of Soho on Wardour Street. After winning the most innovative breakfast award in 2015, they’re back with a new menu to bring in 2016.

Bunnychow has a small area for seating and takeaway is also encouraged. The staff were attentive and passionate to define ‘what is a bunny?’

Bunnychow bunny

So a bunny is a little loaf, hollowed out and filled with a tasty filling and then all closed with a bread lid.

bunnychow london

The menu is simple and effective. You choose the type of bread, your filling and your extras. The bread is baked fresh daily, and the new menu focuses on the range of bread that Bunnychow has on offer. This includes green tea matcha, protein, charcoal brioche and gluten-free options.

Bunnychow food

The Chakalaka Chicken bunny on green tea matcha bread contained a pleasant spicy kick:

Bunnychow bunny

The Pulled Pork bunny on a charcoal bun was packed with flavour:

Bunnychow chicken bunny

If you can manage more than a generously packed bunny, the sides menu included some tasty treats including meatballs and chicken wings:

Chicken wings bunnychow

To go with some tasty South African street food you’d need a drink to wash it all down. Liam and I went with a couple of beers, which were decently priced at £3.50, and then tried a few of the juices:

Bunnychow juice

Normally I’d not knock the choice of a beer, but if you head to Bunnychow be sure to try one of the juices, and if you’re in the mood for an alcoholic drink you can also add a shot to them for a cocktail-esque experience.

Bunnychow boasts a simple, but extremely fun menu. It is priced very reasonably for central London and The Culture Mag definitely recommends giving this little gem a visit.

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