Burger Craft at Exmouth Arms

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The Exmouth Arms re-opened its kitchen with a bang on Wednesday in the form of Burger Craft and it’s signature burger, the Juicy Bastard.

Named after 1st Viscount Exmouth, an admiral in the Napoleonic Wars, the Victorian pub is situated on Starcross Street. Tucked away just a short walk from Euston Station, the cosy and friendly pub welcomed us to once again test the mammothly mouth-watering double patty with cheese.

london burger

The Juicy Bastard.

I took a friend along and we were treated to a burger of our choice along with a complimentary drink. Gary opted for the bacon cheese, which was layered with beautifully cooked bacon that was just the right side of salty alongside a heart busting round of American cheese. To wash it down there was plenty of choice – the beer menu boasted an impressive array of beers, and in the end Gary decided that a pint of Yakima Red was just what the doctor ordered, whilst I went for an Amstel.

The ultimate burger

That’s one hell of a burger.

My burger of choice was the critically acclaimed Juicy Bastard, and as you can see from the pictures it is what any self respecting burger should aspire to. What sets this apart from many burgers in London is the fact that it meets and even exceeds expectation. The beautifully soft brioche bun, which by the end was dripping in juice, contained the two large burgers topped with plenty of cheese and fresh salad: definitely a melt in your mouth if I’ve ever seen one.

best burger

Burger Craft’s Bacon Cheese was no match for Gary.

As with other Burger Craft pubs, Exmouth Arms offer a variety of burgers which include their take on British cuisine. Burgers range from a standard beef burger, to fish and chips or even Grandma’s chicken dinner in a bun. Sides include hash browns and chips, which also come ‘fully loaded’ and topped with a generous supply of blue cheese.

Whilst the party continues downstairs, upstairs sits a boutique hostel, providing a variety of rooms including a double bed, 6 bed and 8 bed options for travellers at very good rates, which opens March 2nd. We’ll definitely be back.


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