Burger Craft at The Green Man in Paddington, London

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Picture four guys on a Thursday evening after a long day at work and in need of some well priced, cheerful and indulgent food. Enter Burger Craft.

Heading on over to The Green Man Pub, which was right next to Edgware Road tube station near Paddington, we had found our venue for the evening. The pub itself is nice and cosy with a decent selection of draught lagers and ales, including San Miguel and Amstel. Most importantly though, it was home to the critically acclaimed Juicy Bastard.

burger craft juicy bastard

After ordering only minutes passed as we awaited the 5th best burger in London, as voted by Twenty Something London. Curiosity dwelled within as to why the burger was named The Juicy Bastard, but after my first bite I saw why. It has to be the juiciest burger I’ve ever eaten, but not in a soggy too-much-water sort of way, oh no, the meat was beautifully cooked and each bite left me wanting more.

There were other burgers available, which included the BLT, chicken burger, pulled pork, a veggie option and other beef alternatives. But the Juicy Bastard was highlighted, and now we know why.

The burger cost just £11 and was accompanied by a side of chips, which is absolutely brilliant value for one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten in London. For a non pretentious and well priced burger I don’t think you will be able to beat Burger Craft’s Juicy Bastard.

juicy bastard burger

After demolishing our burgers, we sat around and enjoyed a few pints and reminisced over a Thursday evening well spent. I’ll definitely be back, and I’d be interested to try the pulled pork option and not to mention the dirty loaded fries which didn’t even get a look in this time around.

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