Coin Laundry, London | Sodastream cocktails & Vintage Pinball

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Coin Laundry launched 30th November in Clerkenwell’s culinary hotspot, Exmouth market.

Coin Laundry

The bar delivers a twist of modern pub classics in a bitesized manner such as home made chicken kievs, which are served directly from the ‘Kiev Counter’. Elsewhere on the menu we have rabbit balti pie, lamb faggots foraged with wild garlic and prawn cocktails.

Here are some pictures of a small selection of the food on offer…

Duck Masala bites:
duck masala bites

Mushroom tart:
mushroom tart

Pineapple with mango chicken:
pineapple with mango chicken

And if you have a sweet tooth you won’t be disappointed as the profiteroles are heavenly and make a good late evening accomplishment:

Making use of a Sodastream adds some old fashioned fun to the drink menu. Elsewhere on the cocktail list, there are some creative twists that are quite unique, such as the Grasshopper, which tastes like an after eight mint in a glass.

cocktail and scrabble

Pisqo sours:
pisqo sour coin laundry

Soda stream cocktails:
cocktail at Coin laundry

The bar is spread over two floors, utilising the internal and external tiling of the pub before it. Wooden floors and comfy couches offer a relaxed environment and with a variety of games makes a perfect place to spend a lazy evening in London.

board games in London pub

And if you get bored of board games, all you need to do is head downstairs to find a retro pinball machine which after a couple of drinks is bags of fun… but not quite as easy as I remember!

vintage pinball machine

The bar also shows its strength as a part of a community, by regularly hosting events such as book clubs, club nights and pop-up shops.

Coin laundry gum

Coin Laundry is open from morning until late at night, so whether you fancy a morning snack, an afternoon bite to eat or fancy trying out some of the cocktails on offer, it’s a great choice – especially for lovers of retro.


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