How to make your own bacon

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Whilst scanning Reddit for the latest news this article popped up on the home page titled ‘I made my own bacon’. Thinking that surely it can’t be too difficult I clicked on the link and was surprised with the amount of steps and effort that it takes to turn a piece of meat into scrumptious bacon, fit for the morning sarny.

Like most people out there I consume copious amounts of bacon, but I’d never wondered just how it was made or considered making it myself. But thanks to fourthwardco on Imgur that is a thing of the past.

Here is how it’s done:

pork belly bacon

8 pounds of pork belly from a local butcher – cost around £20.

pork belly

A sideview of the pork belly, showing the thickness and texture of the cut.

maple syrup on pork belly

First step is to smother this bad boy with some maple syrup.

making bacon from pork belly

Flip the pork belly over and add maple syrup to the other side as well.

curing pork belly

Now it’s time to add the cure mixture. This consists of pink curing salt (Prague Powder #1), kosher salt, brown sugar, and fresh ground black pepper.

sticky hands bacon

Messy hands!

Bacon cured

It should look a little like this.

pork belly fat cured

Don’t forget to add the cure mixture to the other side as well.

curing bacon

Once the pork belly is covered, it’s time to put it in an air tight bag to begin the curing process.

curing bacon pan

Put it in an aluminium pan (or similar) in case of leakage.
Put in the fridge for 7 days.

pork belly bacon smoker

After 7 long days, it was time to smoke it.
This was smoked on an egg grill, with the coals burning low around 95ºC/200ºF.
Some chunks of hickory wood were added to provide a plentiful amount of smoke.

smoking bacon

After thoroughly rinsing the pork belly to remove the cure mixture and before placing on it the grill, some black pepper was added for an extra kick.
Smoke for around 4 hours & check internal temperature is 65ºC/150ºF.

cutting pork belly to make bacon

Let the pork belly cool in the fridge overnight. Then get your favourite knife ready and start slicing!

bacon from pork belly

Slice as thick or thin as you want.

home made bacon

And this is the result. Lovely, juicy home made bacon!


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