POPdown at The Vaults, Waterloo

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Tuesday 20th October 2015 saw the opening of POPDown at The Vaults in Waterloo. Beneath the station, with the entrance tucked away in a graffiti artists paradise under the bridge is a quaint, interactive fine dining experience.

The vaults waterloo

Once in the venue, there’s an area to sit and drink until the table is ready. On the menu are a variety of cocktails, wine and bottles of beer; but at £5 a pop it’s a little on the pricey side.

inside the vaults

Upstairs are a few long tables, allowing for a social dining experience, but with enough space to enjoy a private meal if desired. It’s a very friendly atmosphere and is quite different to be in such a rustic environment and experience fine dining.

cuisson the vaults

The Popdown kitchen is open, allowing you to watch as food is being cooked and you’re even encouraged to go up and talk to the chefs as they are doing so. It definitely adds to the experience.

popdown vaults menu

The menu consists of a 4 course meal for £39, including some interesting twists on classic courses. The menu has been specially designed by one of Cuisson’s top chef’s Chavdar Todorov, who has perfected the four dishes of exclusive and creative recipes.

interactive popdown menu

Customers are also invited to head up to the kitchen to help cook the food and then assist with the plating.

Starter popdown vaults

The starter consisted of cabbage, chorizo, red pepper and lemon – who’d have thought a plate of cabbage could be so tasty?

Fish dish at popdown the vaults

Next was cured mackerel, with daikon, horseradish snow and something called lovage emulsion. We weren’t too sure about the lovage emulsion, but it tasted delicious. The main was a beef brisket, which was cooked superbly and can be seen in the video above.

desert the vaults

The desert featured small bites with coconut, pumpkin, walnuts, lavender cleverly assembled on the plate.

plenty of wine

One bottle of white and red wine was included between four, but they didn’t last long, as the girls across the table from us found.

me and liam

Liam and I certainly had a really good time. It’s a great location, where you can experience some creative fine dining without breaking the bank – and doing so all in a relaxed and social atmosphere.


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