Life Is Strange review

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I loaded up Steam today to discover a new episodic game by the name of Life Is Strange. Episode 1 entitled ‘Chrysalis’ is available for £3.99 and is the first of a 5 part series.

life is strange

Life Is Strange title screen.

The reviews on Steam mentioned the similarities between this, Heavy Rain and Alan Wake. Having loved both of those games, I decided I would be foolish not to give it a go.

Upon loading the game you are told that your decisions will have consequences. As someone who enjoys a solid story, where player decisions actually mean something, this was a great introduction:

life is strange intro

The introduction informs you that your choices make a difference.

Life Is Strange is a 3rd person graphic adventure, which plays like an interactive film. Fans of Heavy Rain, Alan Wake and Indigo Prophecy will understand the beauty that this genre can offer. Aesthetically the game contains breathtaking views, beautiful scenery, fantastic direction, and not to mention a brilliant soundtrack.

life is strange beautiful scenery

One of many beautiful scenes in the game.

Without giving too much away, you play a shy girl called Maxine who is studying photography. As you can imagine there are several incidents that arise which result in you having to make a choice – however this is where Life Is Strange offers something different than other games in its genre: time travel.

Yes, you can travel back in time and alter actions and conversations, which allow you to change what happens in the present. It’s a very interesting twist, but at the beginning did make it feel a little too easy. Once I got more in to the game however I began to understand the potential that the rewind option offered, which included being able to experience several different outcomes with just the single play through.

life is strange decisions

Time to make a choice. The game is full of small choices and a few plot changing ones.

I won’t say anything else other than the game is absolutely beautiful, and a very promising start to the series.


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