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After being shared on Reddit earlier today, this little site has gone viral. It’s a beautiful way to reduce stress in 60 seconds and remind us that our problems are not as big as we often think them to be.

It’s a simple premise where you put a thought in to a bubble and watch it shrink to beautiful music and motivational words. But you know what, it works!

So if you’re at work and are feeling stressed, or exams are getting you down, then visit the site here and see if you can alleviate your stress.

Some comments from reddit include:

This is a great concept and the first half I smiled at how awesome it was -Pm_Me_You_Life_Story

I cried a little -TheOctophant

Damn. I really needed this right now to be honest -therainbowpill

But don’t put too much significance in to the website, as pointed out by many – it’s just meant to help chill you out a little and won’t actually resolve your problems:

Yeah I still don’t have any money and nothing to eat. The only thing that disappeared was that little sentence. -itsmeagin

And if you love the song you can listen to that here.


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