Hey y’all gotta cigarette – ‘fuck off’ remix

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What happens when you mix trailer trash and social media?

One budding music producer turned a Vine in to a hilarious club track. The video features an angry trailer trash American rudely asking a driver-by ‘hey, y’all gotta cigarette?’ and when they let her know they didn’t have one, it was the final straw broke the camels back.

The ‘fuck off’ response sparked an internet phenomenon! The original Vine has received over 600,000 loops and was turned in to a music video which has received around 8 million views on Facebook alone.

The video features one Chelcie Lynn, known for her crude, obnoxious and downright hilarious Vines and shows how it was turned in to a future club classic:

Perhaps the morale of the story is to be a complete dick and you’ll become famous? Seems to work for most! But before you begin to lose all hope in humanity, fear not, it was all staged – as can be seen in this out-take. Well done Chelcie, you fooled us there for a little while.

The entire song is actually a really good club track and you can check it out on Youtube or Soundcloud. Hey Ma! Get that Youtube on!


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