The Culture Mag opens

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Hey guys,

I used to run a website called The Music Mag, it featured unsigned music in the UK and actually ended up covering some of the best talents from across the US and Canada as well.

I’m moving on to a new challenge and after spending weeks on deciding what to call a culture site, went with the not-so-creative option of The Culture Mag. Hopefully you can see I have a theme going…

The aim of this site is to continue to focus on some great musicians, but also cover everything in culture that I’m passionate about, which include some amazing food articles, film features, events and hey, maybe I’ll even do a post or two about fashion disasters that I throw on (but no promises!).

So I hope that you bookmark the site and keep checking back regularly. The Music Mag became a big success in the UK unsigned music scene, so hopefully this can fill the void and we can create something special.

Signing off now, Craig – Brand new owner, of a brand new site.


The owner of The Culture Mag. I love alternative music, films that make me think, oh and anything to do with food!

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