2,500-Year-Old Female Figurine Amulet discovered by A Boy in Negev Desert

Recently, a female figurine is discovered by a boy in the western Negev province of Israel. The body was on a holiday tour with his family in the Nahal HaBesor when he came across this ancient figurine. The boy is eleven years old and his name is Zvi Ben-David found.

Credits: Yevgeny Ostrovsky, Israel Antiquities Authority

Archaeologically, this artifact or amulet is very important. The female figurine is the infrequent ceramic figurine of a lady. Till the present date, this is the 2nd such finding in the region. The figurine belongs to the Iron age or the initial phase of the Persian era. The artifact is around 2500 years old and has its place in the biblical era. 

The figurine is almost three inches tall and two inches in width. It portrays the upper portion of a female. The hands of the female are folded under the chest. She is tiring a muffler around head and neck portions. 

Now artifact is under the custody of the Israel Antiquities Authority and added to the National Treasures Collection. This is a very interesting day for the department. The finding will enrich the culture of Israel. This is a great discovery associated with a biblical origin. According to the Israel Antiquities Authority, the amulet was considered as a symbol of guard, blessing, and wealth in the past. 

Know About Negev Desert

The Negev desert is located in the southern regions of Israel. The desert is associated with Biblical origins. We found the description of the Negev desert in the Hebrew Bible. There is also a reference to the Negev in the Book of Genesis. As per the book, Abraham was here for a short period when he was displaced from Egypt. Moses also directed his 12 scouts to this desert. During the period of Solomon, Negev was part of his territory.

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