2700 Years Old Ancient Face Cream Discovered In Liujiawa, China

Today’s world is known for its fashion. Usually, fashion and cosmetic products are considered as the things of the modern world. But currently, Researchers come across a new finding related to an ancient cosmetic industry in China. Although, no one knows about the origin of the manufacturing process of the Cosmetic Industry. But latter patterns are now discovered in the archaeological findings. Expert says that this finding might belongs to the Spring and Autumn period of Ancient China dated 770 to 475 B.C.

Bronze Jar with residue associated with cosmetics, Credits: Prof. Jianrong Chong, Shaanxi Academy of Archaeology, China)

A small container is found in the Liujiawa archaeological site of North China when archaeologists were excavating the site. In ancient times, Liujiawa was the capital of the Rui empire. This sealed container is minor and attractive. It was found in the tomb M49. The tomb is associated with a man of the upper-class. The researchers have done multiple analyses on the container and its inner stored residue. The main analysis processes were SEM, XRD, ATR-FTIR, GC-C-IRMS. The residue which was found inside the container was also undergone material analysis. 

The results show that the residue which is found in the jar made up of bronze metal consists of ruminant adipose fat amalgamated with Monohydrocalcite. The source of Monohydrocalcite is cave moonmilk. Moonmilk is a distinct stalactite found in a lot of caves of limestone. On the other side, adipose fat is associated with the fat of cattle. The cattle fat is a source of glycerolipid. This ingredient promotes and enhances the skin’s moisture and grooming. Researchers have said that the residue material might be a beautifying face cream that could be used by that Royal man of ancient Rui province. The availability of this residue points towards the production of cosmetics in ancient china. This can be seen as one of the earliest evidence of the production of cosmetics in this broad region.  

The history of the use of cosmetics in china can be traced back to the pre-Qin era of 3rd century BC. The source of these chronologies is mainly the historical literature. That’s why this finding is now considered as one of the milestones in the archaeological history of cosmetics in China. The material process of the formation of this cream is quite similar to the recipe found in the old Chinese literature of medicine such as pre-Qin era Fifty-two Prescriptions (manuscript). This manuscript was extracted in the early 70s from the tomb of Mawangdui III. The tomb belongs to the 2nd century BC West Han Dynasty of West China.  

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