Do You Know About The Twelve Labours Of Hercules

When we think about the bravest people on the planet, Hercules always comes to our mind. But no one knows that Hercules was a myth or a reality. We know about him and his stories from ancient fables. Hercules was known as the victor of the human race. The mighty God Zeus was his father.

12 Labours of Hercules, Credits: Museo nazionale romano di palazzo Altemps, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Hercules found himself in fear when he understood that he had done the most awful wrongdoing thinkable. He got a curse from the Goddess Hera. The Goddess who hated him gave him a curse of short-time madness. Due to his madness, he lost his own family. Hera hated him because he was born of the adultery of Zeus. Hercules wanted to overcome his sorrow, he went to King Eurystheus of Tiryns because of Oracle of Delphi. King humiliated him and gave him ten impossible tasks to fight against supernatural forces and mighty monsters. These all fights are knowns as the Labours of the Hercules. In these heavy tasks, he defeated Nemean Lion, a multiple head serpent Lernaean Hydra, Ceryneian Hind, Erymanthian boar, Stymphalian birds, Cretan bull, Geryon cattle, etc.

The first labour of Hercules was to defeat the Nemean Lion. According to the fables, that lion abducted females and scoffed soldiers. When Hercules came back to the court of Tiryns, he had a tiring hide of Nemean. King Eurystheus terrified because of this incident and covered in a wine vessel. After that, Eurystheus gave him a task that will be far from the palace of Eurystheus.

Hercules. French educational card, late 19th/early 20th century.

The second goal of Hercules was a massive serpent. The name of that multi-head serpent was the Lernaean Hydra. Lernaean has the power of re-growing heads. He killed the serpent with Fire.

Workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The third task was to kill a female deer Ceryneian Hind. The goddess Artemis respected and save the persistent small deer of golden horns. It was very difficult for Hercules to seizure the subtle hind without hurting him. Because it would make Artemis irritated. He followed that dear form for almost one year and safely present it in the court without hurting him.  

Workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The fourth labour of the Hercules was to imprison the Erymanthian boar. He chased and stuck it in dense snow. His fifth labour was to the cleaning of the thousands of cattle of stables of King Augeas. Normally, this talk requires thirty years, but Hercules did it in one day. The 6th labour was to kill the deadliest Stymphalian Birds of Lake Stymphalos. Hercules killed them with the poisonous arrows of blood Hydra. The Seventh task of Hercules was to capture the insane Bull of Crete. Hercules defeated him in a deadly fight. Hercules’s 8th task was to capture the Horses of King Diomedes. They were so insane that they could even eat the flesh of people. Hercules and his subordinates defeated king Diomedes. And tamed his horses.  

His ninth labour was to take the Girdle of the Queen Hippolyte of Amazon. At Amazon, he conquered the Amazons and took the golden belt. The tenth task was also related to the capture of the Cattle of Geryon. Geryon was a flying giant with 3 hominid bodies. He had a mass of attractive red cattle. Hercules defeated Geryon and took the cattle to his King in Greece. The eleventh labour was to take the Golden Apples of nymph Hesperides. The apples were conserved by the dragon Ladon. Hercules bartered with Atlas for help. Hercules bore the earth to get the apples.

The last and the twelfth task was to capture a three-headed dog Cerberus without the use of any armaments. He lived in the underworld. Hercules struggled with the dog and made him ready to go with him to the court of King Eurystheus. After completion of all 12 labours, Hercules was forgiven for the sad demises of his intimate and got a residence in the heavenly pantheon. These 12 labours made him one of the bravest men on the planet. Via labours, Hercules controlled the planet’s insanity by redressing for his madness.

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