Do You Know About These Five Mesmerizing Beaches Of India

India is a famous destination in the world for its diverse travel experience. Travelers come here to feel the beauty of an ancient civilization full of culture and nature. If you are planning to visit India, then a lot of forts, palaces, temples, mosques are waiting for you. Apart from it if you want to explore the beauty of oceans, India is a place for you. India has a coastline of almost eight thousand kilometers. Here, we are presenting you with some less known and mesmerizing beaches of India. 

Tarkarli Beach- Queen Beach of Konkan

Rohit Keluskar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Our first Beach is from the Konkan of Maharashtra state of India and it is located in the remote Sindhudurg region. The nearest airport is Dabolim airport of Goa state. Tarkarli can become a better beach destination for you because it is one of the remote and less populated beaches of Maharashtra. In recent times, the beach is famous for water sports events. The nearby Tarkarli village has all the provisions of instructors and instruments of international safety standards for these activities. Some sports are scuba diving, boating, etc. You can easily get small and beautiful accommodation and stay here for 2-3-day trips. These small and lavish hotels are converted homes of the local village population. 

Suvali Beach

Second on our list is the Suvali Beach of Gujarat. Suvali is located along the Arabian Sea nearby Surat city. The nearest airports are Mumbai and Surat airport. It is a black sand beach and is regarded as one of the cleanest beaches in India. Suvali Beach is important in the history of India. 

Sandy beach,Tarunyadav1989, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It was the place where the East India Company first time put its steps into India. At this place, Portuguese forces were defeated by Britishers in a 17th-century battle. The same beach is also the origin place of the current Navy of India.

Querim Beach 

Jo Kent, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Goa is famous in the whole world for its beautiful and photogenic beaches. Goa is known for its hundreds of beaches. The third beach on our list is the sandy beach of the Querim. The beach got Querim name from the neighboring village. Querim is the prime beach of Goa in the northwest region. At the Querim, you can explore the beauty of the sea, sandy lanes, a wild jungle, fort, hills, water lake, and a river inlet known by the name of Tiracol. And you don’t need any vehicle to explore all these beauties. You can just travel on your feet below the longs stretches of trees. Near the Querim beach, you can easily find a restaurant and a bar for a chill. There is one famous resort nearby the beach and hill. Its name is Hotel Hill Rock. The beach is also known for its cultural heritage apart from its nature. There is an old majestic fort and its name is Fort Tiracol. In the modern era, it is now transformed into a heritage hotel

Kudle Beach

Panoramic view of kudle beach, Happyshopper at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The next beach on our list is from the temple town of Gokarna. The Kudle beach is located in the Uttara Kannada of Karnataka. The Gokarna is a traditional temple town of south India devoted to the Hindu god Shiva. Here, Siva is pronounced with the name of Mahabaleshwara. The Kudle beach is accessible from Bangalore and many major cities via train and bus routes. The region is also famous as a Hindu religious and heritage place. The Kudle beach is quite a picture-perfect beach near the inlet of Aghanashini river. But Now the beach area has become populous. 

Kollam Beach

Our last and most beautiful beach is from God’s own place Kerala. The Kollam beach is located in the Kollam city of Kerala. In contemporary times, Kollam beach is famous as Beach Wedding Destination. Apart from the beach, you can explore and visit the Mahatma Gandhi Park. The beach is best if you are concerned about your safety. This beach has its own lifeguard outpost.

Kollam beach waves, Credits: Surajram Kumaravel, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Kollam beach is also a place for you if you are a history or heritage lover. It is one of the oldest trading seaport in Kerala. Kollam was once a preferred colony of the Portuguese empire before the freedom of India. The photogenic view makes this place one of the most lavish traveler charms of Kerala. The Kollam beach is also famous for its marine Aquarium, and a long-standing Tangasseri Lighthouse. Apart from these beautiful monuments, there are some old churches, fort ruins that depict the Portuguese and Dutch heritage of the area.

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