Ladishah : A Musical Storytelling of Kashmir

Ladishah is a type of musical storytelling. It was initiated in Jammu and Kashmir, and its roots may be traced back to traditional and funny folk singing performed by minstrels while roaming from one location to another.

In the ballad or musical satire, it is mainly sung in the Kashmiri language to express agony or entertain people in a rhythmic manner that largely revolves around political, social, and cultural themes.

It can be detected when a performer expresses their issues through amusing and melodic singing without taking a breath at times. It is sung on a traditional instrument called the dhukar, which is made up of two metal rods. An artist may sing without using a musical instrument on occasion.

A ladishah singer, who performs mediaeval music, functions as a communicator in society, conveying their message to the people for public entertainment or to address political ideas, collective awareness, or culturally competent without engaging in false consciousness or spoof music.

Depending on the lyrics, a ladishah artist is also known to as a “performing artist” or “historical narrator.”

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