Nihari: A Dish Of Mughal Heritage

When we think about Indian cuisine, then the great Indian Mughal dishes come to our minds. So, without wasting any time I am going to tell you about one of the favourite Mughal dishes of India, Pakistan. Its name is Nihari. The cuisine of Nihari purely belongs to South Asia’s India. Later, after the partition of India, Nihari has become famous in Pakistan. Muslims from northern regions of the country drifted to cities of Pakistan and Bangladesh such as Karachi and Dhaka. Pakistani people also made some changes in the past 70 years. Overall, these changes are good for our favourite Nihari. The Nihari has been also a deep-rooted widespread dish in regions of Dhaka and Chittagong in Bangladesh.

Satcreak, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nihari is a slow-cooked dish that mainly comprises shank meat of chicken, beef, or lamb and mutton of goat with bone marrow. The best time for Nihari is to eat it in the Morning breakfasts along with Khameeri Roti. The taste of Nihari is enhanced via the use of Desi Ghee (Home-based butter). You can also taste it in your lunch with Tandoori Rotis. You can taste Nihari all around the Indian subcontinent cities such as Delhi, Lahore, Lucknow, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Karachi, Dhaka, etc. Nihari can be easily found in Indian and Pakistani restaurants within these countries and also all around the World.

The history of the Nihari is very interesting and mesmerising. The “Nihari” word is derived from the Arabic word “nahaar”. The meaning of Nihari in Arabic is “morning”. Historically, Nihari was a cuisine of Nawabs of the Mughal Empire. As the name suggests, it is a breakfast dish. Muslims eat it usually after their morning Fajr prayer when the stomach is usually empty. The Nihari was originated in the imperial kitchens of eighteenth-century late Mughal India. The places of origin might be Delhi, Bhopal, Awadh, or Hyderabad. Different historians have different opinions.

The Nihari is famous for its spice richness and sense of tastiness. Within Nihari, the Nalli Nihari is the most famous dish within the Indian subcontinent. Nalli Nihari is ready when adding marrow with nihari. At some places, every day’s remaining Nihari is usually added to the next day’s new Nihari. This creates a unique taste in the dish. The old remaining Nihari is known as Taar. In Old Delhi Areas, Many Nihari serving Shops still have a continuous taar that they are using for more than 100 years.
Nihari also serves many medicinal purposes. It is home-based therapy for the common cold and fever. So if you are foody and also care about your health then Nihari is especially for you.

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