This Is Why Miyazaki Nature Site Of Japan So Famous

Miyazaki is a natural gift to humans. It is one of the least populated and most remote prefectures in Japan. Undeveloped and inconspicuous in the mountains, Miyazaki is one of the best places to enjoy Japan’s natural beauty.

This Is Why Miyazaki Nature Site Of Japan Is So Famous
Photo by Ken Li on Unsplash

Takachiho Gorge and beautiful valley in Miyazaki prefecture. The canyon is famous not only for its beauty but also for its geology. The pillar walls that connect the canyon are formed from volcanic eruptions in the mountains 90,000 years ago. Aso also just erupted earlier this month. No major geographic changes this time. There are also lots of pretty cool wild animals here.

Kamikiri-mushi is easy to see here. If you touch it, maybe. He has a chin that is strong enough, so it bleeds easily. There are butterfly sharks which are also known as butterfly sharks. There are fish that produce caviar, and that’s probably where they grew up. Fishing for insects is very popular in Japan. As it turns out, it is common knowledge among dragonfly catchers here that you can hypnotize dragonflies by rotating your finger in a circular motion. Because their eyes can be seen through thousands of overlapping facets. The movement of the fingers might confuse them, and they can’t tell which direction the hand is coming from.

Photo by Justin DoCanto on Unsplash

Butterfly tornadoes are quite common here for several reasons. This butterfly does what is called “muddy”. They suck up the liquid in the mud to get various nutrients, salts and amino acids. Although they look funny here, butterflies are also known to bathe in rotten fruit, dirt, rotting flesh, human sweat, and rarely tears and blood.

Photo by Nicole Y-C on Unsplash

The Aya Teruha Suspension Bridge is 142 meters high and 250 meters long. Basically nothing is connected to the Nature Center. On the other side there are small shrines and pilgrimage trails, but there’s no point in hiking in the summer. This area is meant to help people feel familiar with nature and it is advisable to study wildlife such as strange goats and blood-sucking worms.

There’s also Hiru. A worm that sucks your blood. They force you to step on the grid at some point. A large shadow could be seen from the bridge there.

Photo by Nicolas Lindsay on Unsplash

Udo Jingu Shrine is a shrine built inside a cliff cave. The long road to the temple is believed to have been built by travelers carrying stones one by one from the harbor for hundreds of years. When many people walk on the center stone, you can see how the stone is being used. Too hot to fight. Jun will give you strawberry shaved ice. According to temple legend, the man married Toyotama-hime, the daughter of the Sea Dragon King. When she was in the cave where she gave birth, she entered and saw her true appearance as some kind of water monster. And she had to return to the sea when she was lowered, but she left her breasts to feed her son. Water is now dripping on the rocks in the cave. Drinking water from my breast will help with childbirth. Men should use their left hand and women should use their right hand.

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