Travel in 3 Ancient Cities of Yaxchilán Timgad Ephesus

Earth is a beautiful amalgamation of nature and culture. Humans built a large number of buildings for their personal and public use in the last few thousand years. Civilizations, empires, and states came and went. But those beautiful monuments built by them are still present in front of us. They are now an essential part of human heritage. They are the proof of a king, a queen, a population, a trade, a religion, and so on. Here is a beautiful list of some marvelous monuments of the world where you can go. They are the dream of every traveler in the world.

Yaxchilán, Mexico

Mexico is famous for the ancient Maya civilization and the heritage that is left by the Mayan people. The ancient city of Yaxchilan is one of them. The city is situated in Chiapas, Mexico. Geographically, it is quite near to the bank of the Usumacinta River.
During the ancient Mayan era of Mexico, there were two rival states near this river. Yaxchilan was the first of them and another one was Piedras Negras. The differences between these two kingdoms can be measured by comparing the Architecture of monuments and sites of both kingdoms. This difference can be considered as the boundary lines between the regional cultures of these two kingdoms. Yaxchilan kingdom also had a rivalry with the Tikal for a short time. During the classic age of the Mayan civilization, Yaxchilan was a huge and strategically important center of power.

Yaxchilan is predominantly famous for its beautiful sculptured stone lintels. They can be seen above the entrances of the main monuments. In most buildings, the hieroglyphic texts on these lintels unfold the past of the dynasties of Yaxchilan.

Timgad, Algeria

PhR61, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When anyone talks about the Romans, then we just think about Europe. But Romans had access to a much larger area. The ancient city of Timgad is a symbol of this thought. This Roman city is situated in the Aurès Mountains, Algeria. Timgad was founded by King Trajan approximately in CE 100. The official Roman name of this city was Colonia Marciana Ulpia Traiana Thamugadi. The words used in this name belonged to the family of Emperor Trajan.
In the past, during the Roman times, Timgad experienced a peaceable presence for the initial few hundred years. It became a centre of the Christian movement in the 3rd century. In the 4th century, it became a Donatist center.

In modern times, geographically, this city is located near the Batna city of Algeria. The ruins of Timgad are famous for the Roman town planning and its grid pattern. In 1982, UNESCO entitled Timgad with the tag of a World Heritage Site.

Ephesus, Turkey

The third and last on our list is Ephesus. After Mayan and Roman, now we have something Greek for you. The ancient Greek city of Ephesus is located on the coast of Ionia, near Selçuk in İzmir region of the Eurasian nation of Turkey. Ephesus was constructed in the Tenth millennium (Before Christ). The site used for the erection of this city is had belonged to Arzawan. Arzawan was a former capital. The new city was built by Attic and Ionian Greeks. The city was relatively more important for Greeks in the Classical era. Ephesus was 1 of the 12 metropolises of the Ionian League. Ephesus was under the control of Greeks up to 129 BC. After that, it was under the hegemony of the Roman Republic.

During the Greek era, Ephesus was renowned for the adjacent Temple of Artemis. Artemis is on the list of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Its construction was completed around 550 Before Christ. The key monuments of the Ephesus are a theatre and the Library of Celsus. We found the reference of Ephesus church in the book of Revelation. The Gospel of John was also associated with this place. Ephesus was the place of a lot of fifth-century Christian Assemblies.
Ephesus was demolished in the 3rd century by the Goths. Later, it was rebuilt but its market-based importance as a harbor was declined. It was partly devastated by an tremor in 7th century.
In modern days, the remains of this ancient city are popular with global and regional travellers. The nearby airport is Adnan Menderes Airport. In 2015, UNESCO entitled Ephesus with the label of a World Heritage Site.

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