Travel to Hidden Villages Of West England

Do you know about the best travel destination in Europe? The West of England is the first place that comes to our mind. This place is a land of natural, historic, and cultural marvels. West England is a part of Great Britain. Apart from England, GB has two more parts: Scotland, and Wales. Here, we only talk about the West of England. So, here is the list of some beautiful places in West England.

Photo by Ana Sousa on Unsplash

Cotswold hills

Photo by Will Tarpey on Unsplash

These hills consist of a lot of delightful villages and rural farm landscapes. Apart from it, Cotswold is an important English rural area. If you want to explore Cotswold then walking is the best mode of exploration. The area is made to demand beginners. You will meet scenery villages, pleasant views, and lyrical flashes. You will find a lot of unseen stone bridges with herds of sheep. The native people love them. If you found any road or street blocked then they might be hastily unblocked. In these farmlands, you will find many fences and gates. There is one famous gate The Kissing Gate. It is a way towards charming gardens and a water mill. These all scenes look like a fairy-tale. Apart from all these things, Cotswold hills are famous in England and Europe for their wool.

Stanton Village

It’s a very quaint village. This village has a properly fixed building code. Here, you can visit the church in the village. The church is built in an ancient pagan place. The church was constructed in the memory of Saint Michael. In the village, it is said that he fought the devil and still protects the door. This church was built with the earning of wool in 1269.

Besides the church, the village is also famous for large exotic mansions. The famous one is the home of the Earl of Wemyss, etc. The Square market of the village is famous for its old-style pubs, charming shops, and attractive cafés. Pubs have far better stuff to offer to you. You can taste the hidden foods of the native villagers. They all are made up of too fresh village vegetables.


It is a delightfully conserved town of Wells famous for its magnificent cathedral. Wells comprises a delightful medieval center. It is also famous for the grand Bishop’s Palace and a market city. The building of the town is as old as the 14th century. Here, you can enjoy a medieval landscape. Here you can explore Gothic architecture. West England has an infinite number of places to visit. You can also visit a lot of Neolithic megaliths. They are huge stone structures. The famous one is Avebury Stone Circle.

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