Why Udsar Village Of Rajasthan Is Not Building Second Floor from Last 700 Years

The Rajasthan state of India is known for its beautiful heritage and amazing cultural stories in the whole world. One such unique story is from the Udsar village of Rajasthan where people do not build the first floor of the homes. In the 21st century, when people are talking about the Mars and Venus missions. Here, they all live on the ground floors whether they are rich or poor.

Photo by Damini Rathore on Unsplash

Udsar village is located in the Sardarshahar suburb of the Churu district of Rajasthan. The people of this village do not build any floor above the ground floor because of a 700 yr. Old tale. According to the villagers, the story was real and belonged to a curse.
According to the elders of the village, Bhomiya was a local villager who lived here 700 years ago. One day, when he was fighting with some thieves, he lost his life because he fell from the 1st floor of his house. After his death, his wife did the Sati ritual. Before her death, she instructed villagers not to build the upper floor in any house of the village Udsar. After that day, no one in the village ever built any multi-storey house. There is also another story that a family from this village had built a multi-floor house about 200 years ago. But their whole family had died within 10-15 years because of the curse associated with the Bhomiya.
Today, Bhomiya, respectfully, is known as the Bhomiya Ji Maharaj. People are still following those 700 years old rules or sayings. People of Udsar said that a second storey will bring curse and bad luck in the village. According to the Head of the village, there is no strict rule regarding the construction of a second floor. But new generations of villagers are making it because of a long old tradition and the safety of their people.
This story from Rajasthan is something unique for the people of the West and East too. If you also know about any similar story, please comment.

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